Golden Dragon


About us...

We warmly welcome you to our restaurant Golden Dragon!

The Golden Dragon restaurant in Neustadt has been around since 1984. In our restaurant, we introduce you to the diversity of Asian cuisine on a daily basis and take the liberty of cooking dishes from other regions of East Asia for you in addition to traditional Cantonese specialties, which are known throughout the world for their freshness, harmony and composition.

We wish you a pleasant and tasty stay with us!

Your Golden Dragon Team

Looking for delicious authentic Chinese food? Looking for a cozy place for a drink or a bite to eat? Looking for a place for a special night out? In need of a quick and filling lunch? Casual dinner with a large group? We got you.

We are the Golden Dragon 金龍: First floor of a brick building and in the heart of Neustadt since 1984 to suit your every mood. The restaurant's menu features new and longtime favorites from Guangdong and Sichuan, as well as unique and traditional dishes from other regions of China - food for every occasion, enjoyed in a space that is both elegant and warm, beautiful and inviting, intimate and vibrant.

You might eat too many dumplings at once.
You might hear a story that makes you cry.
You might spend hours eating dim sum and people-watching.
Your friends might make you laugh too hard.
You might eat something delicious that you've never tasted before.
You might argue with your brother over the last piece of roast duck.
You might drown your heartbreak in cup after cup of hot tea.
You might fall in love.
You might never want to leave.

Anything can happen at Golden Dragon.
Meet me there?

吃喝玩樂 (chīhē wánlè)

eat, drink and be merry – Sam Wang